Swatcharama: Gerard Cosmetics Lipsticks


Hi Dolls,

Today I’ll be swatching some of the lipsticks from Gerard Cosmetics ($19). I own 5 shades: French Toast, Berry Smoothie, Underground, 1995 and Cherry Cordial. Before we get on to the swatches, can we just talk about that packaging! These gold tubes are just beautiful and so classy! Brownie points to Gerard Cosmetics for coming up with such rad packaging! Read till the end for a coupon code!

Processed with Moldiv

Processed with Moldiv




An earthy brown shade, reminds me of fall. It has a creamy finish so it leaves sort of a sheen on the lips. To make it matte though you can just dab your lips with some tissue. It’s pretty comfortable to wear but since it’s a creamy finish, it has a weak lasting power and transfers easily.



A medium pink shade with subtle mauve undertones. It’s a very pretty everyday shade. It also has a creamy finish and therefore staying power is weak. Pretty comfortable to wear.



It’s a grey toned brown with a hint of lavender/pink. Grey lipsticks have been all the rave lately and in my opinion Underground is one of the more wearable ones. SInce it has lavender undertones, it does not look too bad on my tan skin. It has more of a satin finish and therefore doesn’t leave too much of a sheen. I will recommend getting rid of any pigmentation on your lips with foundation or concealer before applying this shade.



It is a brown lipstick with mauve undertones inspired by the 90’s brown lip. This lipstick was made in collaboration with youtuber Jaclyn Hill (love her!) and I think is the perfect addition to the brown lip trend brought back by Kylie Jenner ofcourse! I love this lipstick, I wear it to death and it’s my favorite of all the ones I own from Gerard Cosmetics. It’s a matte so it can be a bit drying. Staying power is a bit better than the others but I still have to reapply throughout the day.



It’s a dark berry shade. I was a bit disappointed with this in terms of pigmentation. You have to apply it or swatch it a few times to get an intense pay off and it can go on a bit patchy. It is a semi-matte/satin finish.



I thought I should do a side by side of French Toast and 1995 since at first glance they look quite similar. From the pictures you can see that French Toast is a lot warmer and peachy toned whereas 1995 is darker and more mauve toned.

So this concludes my swatcharama of the Gerard Cosmetics lippies! They can seem a bit pricey at $19 but I always buy them at cheaper prices because they are always having amazing sales. Right now they are having a 4th of July sale where you can get 4 lippies for only $38 and free worldwide shipping! That’s less than $10 each! Coupon code: 4thpack


Swatcharama! LA Splash Lip Couture and Smitten LipTint Mousse


Hey Bunnies!

So this morning just before I left for work, the mailman arrived and brought me these goodies. I bought two of the LA Splash Lip Coutures and two of the Smitten LipTints (13.98 USD). They are all sort of on the nude, brown, mauve family. Since the whole Kylie Jenner 90’s lip trend started, all I can think about are these shades! And there’s a grey one aswell!

Before I get on with the swatches, let me talk about the differences between the two. So obviously these are liquid lipsticks. Formula-wise, there is a very subtle difference. I felt the Liptint Mousse were a little bit thicker like a mousse (hence the name) and the Lip Coutures were a bit more liquidy. It’s very subtle, hardly noticeable. They are both very pigmented and dries matte. I did notice the Liptints were a bit harder to take off. They can be very drying on the lips so your lips have to be very well exfoliated and moisturised. They are very longlasting. I wore Lovegood today for about 6 hours and it didn’t feather much.

They do have a odd smell. Almost unbearable! Sort of like bug spray :/ I try to hold my breath while applying the product but once it’s on your lips the smell goes away.

The wands/applicators are different aswell. The Lip Coutures have a slimmer more elongated tip while the Liptint Mousse have a more traditional doe – foot applicator. Surprisingly I like the elongated one better. I find it’s easier to carve out my lips with the elongated shape.



Processed with Moldiv

Processed with Moldiv

Don’t fret, Ill tell you which shade is what…just keep reading! 😀


~SMITTEN LIPTINT MOUSSE ~ NYMPH-ADORA  – a brown-ey nude with reddish undertones




~LIP COUTURE ~ LATTE CONFESSION – warm peachy toned coffee brown


~LIP COUTURE ~ OG GHOULISH – grey toned taupe


If I had to choose my favorite shade I’ll say Latte Confession. I think it’s super wearable and I see myself wearing it a lot. I love both Lovegood and Nymph-adora aswell. My least favorite is OG Ghoulish. I initially wanted to buy the normal Ghoulish but they were out of stock. That one has a pinker more mauve tone to the taupe color whereas this one is a lot more grey.

Overall I really like them. The formula is a bit drying but they are very long lasting. Also if you can get past the smell, then they are a pretty good buy. The color range is amazing aswell. I can’t wait to get some more shades!!


Swatcharama! : Colourpop Cosmetics Pressed Pigments

image1 (2)

Hello My Bunnies!

I was playing with makeup at 1 am in the morning (yes I’m an insomniac and clearly makeup’s my therapy!) and I had the bright idea of posting some swatches just before going to bed because I love these eyeshadows soooo much! If you follow me on instagram (and if you don’t go do that right now!! Username’s “bunniesan”), you probably saw a photo of a lovely package of goodies by Colourpop Cosmetics, a birthday pressie from my bestie (she understands me! ) There were six pressed pigments (they are a cross between a pigment, cream eyeshadow, and normal eyeshadow!)  in there and let me tell you, I’m head over heels for each and every one of them. They are soooo buttery and creamy and almost feels wet to the touch. They glide on beautifully, and are super pigmented and sparkly! And the best part is, they are only 5 bucks (USD) a pop ! You can’t beat that! You can find them at :

image2 (1)

Forgive me for this shabby picture but I’ve already swatched and reswatched these shadows millions of times so the emboss is pretty much non existent now :/

~So Quiche : A soft olive with a highly reflective gold and pink violet glittery duo chrome metallic finish

~BAE: A rich eggplant purple with an emerald, and turquoise, glittery duo chrome metallic finish

~On The Rocks: A vibrant true bronze with gold and violet glitter

~3 : A cool-toned starlit bronze with a flash of silvery and multi-coloured glitter

~Sequin : A copper penny like shade with silver and gold glitter

~Game Face: An intense penny copper with a liquid like ultra-metallic finish

*All Description from Colourpop Cosmetics website

Under Yellow Light (Left to Right) : So Quiche, BAE, and On the Rocks

Under Yellow Light (Left to Right) : So Quiche, BAE, and On the Rocks

Under White Light

Under White Light

~You can see the glitters lot better under the yellow light but under the white light, the blue glitters in Bae stand out a lot more against the purple. If you want the blue stand out, you need to use a blue base underneath 🙂

Under Yellow Light (Left to Right): 3, Sequin, Game Face

Under Yellow Light (Left to Right): 3, Sequin, Game Face

Under White Light

Under White Light

Unfortunately the white light washed out the intensity of the colors so it’s definitely more accurate under the yellow light. I wasn’t able to use natural light since it’s night time 😦

I’ve already done two back to back looks using BAE and Sequin. Check out those posts if you like to see these shadows in action. Linking them down below along with some photos!


I highly recommend these pressed pigments/eyeshadows. The products are far superior than the price point and they can transform any eyelook from drab to glam! So what are you waiting for!!