Fragrance Favorites: Nicki Minaj Pink Friday and Minajesty (new) !!


Hi my bunnies!

I finally got some time off everything and I couldn’t delay on a post any longer! I’m no fan of Nicki Minaj but I’m in love with her perfumes! Now word of caution for you guys who don’t like sweet fruity/floral scents: this is not for you…but I on the other hand am all for fruity and florals! Some people hate the bottles and I will admit they are very inconvenient especially the HUGE head! I don’t necessary find them tacky looking though…i just think they are fun and just nice to have in your perfume collection. So today I’m reviewing Pink Friday (original) which came out a while ago followed by two different special/exclusive editions (smells almost identical)…and I’m also reviewing Minajesty which just came out very recently. I got it today but I’ve been smelling it in store from last week….so let’s get started:

PINK FRIDAY (eau de parfum/100 ml/ AU$89)



Carambola (Star Fruit)/Italian Mandarin/Blackberry


Lotus/Star Jasmine



For me, the Caramel and Italian Mandarin notes really stand out at first and as it settles down the Jasmine notes come through…together its just a really nice combination with a bit of floral, fruity, and toffee scents yet quite soft and not in your face sweet. It does have a slight muskiness to it which is great because you can wear this perfume both during the day and night. Longevity and Sillage is very mediocre, which I feel is the case for most of the celebrity perfumes.

MINAJESTY (eau de parfum/50ml/AU$59)



Red Berries/Lemon/Peach




Tonka Bean/Vanilla/Musk

At first whiff its like a burst of tropical fruits! I find the dominant scent is of passionfruit and pears yet there’s no passionfruit in it so it must be something else. It also has a citrusy smell mixed with the fruitiness. I could properly sense the transition of notes in this perfume. It moves onto the floral notes but quickly changes to a creamy scent that I’m guessing is coming from the vanilla and tonka beans. The fruitiness is constant but it just smells yummier when the vanilla and tonka beans come out. This is a full on summery day time scent! Just reminds of sipping a fruity cocktail in a tropical island! Longevity and Sillage is still pretty mediocre which lets both the perfumes down.

Overall I’ll rate both the perfumes 3/5 – even though I’m in love with the scents…the longevity and sillage is not good at all considering that they are both eau de parfums. Yet I will say they do fall under my favorites especially for summer (its summer in AU!!)


info on perfume from:


Fragrance Favorites: Juicy Couture Viva La Juicy Eau De Parfum

Juicy Couture Viva La Juicy

Juicy Couture Viva La Juicy

Hi Sugar Plums!

I know I’ve been MIA for the last few days and I apologize for that. I’ve been so so busy with uni, assignments, work, trying to stay fit and trying fitting in all my other daily chores in my schedule! To make up for my absence I’ll hopefully have a couple more posts up by tonight!

Since I own a lot of perfumes and I’m always buying more, I figured I will start a series called Fragrance Favorites  and review perfumes that I love and recommend! Anyway, without further ado let’s get going with the highlight of this post, which is one of my favorite perfumes of the moment: Juicy Couture Viva La Juicy! 

I’ve seen this perfume around but I never really wanted to purchase it until I heard mouldyfruit talk about it in one of her favorites videos. I loved the packaging and she mentioned it was a ‘sweet’ smell. I’m a sucker for anything sweet! The only problem was the pricetag! It costs $145 (AUD) for the 100ml bottle !!! I’m a poor uni student on a budget and since my love for makeup and perfumes knows no bounds, I always have to keep myself in check and look for specials sales and deals. So I opted for a 30 ml bottle at first. As I started wearing this perfume, I got so many compliments from complete strangers. People were asking me what perfume I was wearing. I didn’t realize this perfume would have such an impact, so when I saw that the 100ml bottle was reduced to $69 in Priceline, I was ecstatic!!! The sale should still be on till the 11th of September so if you’re in Australia, you can still get this perfume for a steal!


I really like the packaging. Its quite heavy and feels expensive. I love the fuchsia colored ribbon and just love all the gold bling!!! (You  can see some close up shots in the collage above.)


This perfume is often characterized as a floral fragrance but when you break down the notes, you will see that there is a blend of various different elements.

According to , the notes are as follows:

Top Notes: wild berries and mandarin

Middle Notes: honeysuckle, gardenia, and jasmine

Base Notes: amber, caramel, vanila, sandalwood, and pralines

* (top notes comes first, then middle notes, and finally settles into base notes)

Personally, when I first spray this perfume, I right away pick up a citrus scent which I’m assuming comes from the mandarin.

It quickly moves onto the floral scent and I could primarily smell the jasmine.

Finally it settle downs to predominantly the caramel scent.

I can’t stress how beautiful this perfume smells. I will say it’s more of a daytime perfume. It’s youthful and very chic. Not overly girly though, yet still feminine. I just completely love it!


My only complain is the longevity of the perfume. For the price, you would expect it to stay on longer especially since its an eau de parfum. It’s however has a medium longevity. It doesn’t go away instantly but it’s not long lasting either. Unfortunately I wasn’t able to test the sillage (scented trailed left behind) of the perfume, but according to other users, it’s also moderate.

Hope you guys enjoyed this post and are convinced enough to try this perfume! Till then XO!