Review: TheBalm Instain Blush in Argyle and Toile



Hi my lovelies!

I’ve been meaning to do this post for awhile now! TheBalm InStain blushes have stained my heart and my cheeks…in a good way ofcourse! They are $26.95 at David Jones (Australia). You can also buy them from here. These range of blushes are described as long wearing, staining powder blush. I own two of the six shades but I intend to buy more! The shades are:

Argyle (petal pink)

Toile (strawberry)

Swiss Dot (peach)

Lace (bright pink)

Houndstooth (mauve)

Pinstripe (plum)

I own Argyle and Toile. They are both extremely beautiful colors. TheBalm have divided them into two categories: spring or fall. Argyle is a spring blush and Toile is a fall blush! How fitting with Spring approaching the Southern Hemisphere and fall approaching the North! But I feel these two in particular can be worn in any season! They are both extremely pigmented! And boy they weren’t kidding with the ‘long wearing’ part! I wore these blushes for about 8 hours and they were going strong for all 8!


Argyle (left) and Toile (right)

Argyle (left) and Toile (right)

They come in a very nice compact cardboard packaging (classic theBalm) and also has a nice mirror. I love love love the packaging! Can’t stress enough how cute the packaging is!! And obviously the names are reminiscent of different patterns and the patterns are also shown in the packaging!

On to the swatches!

Argyle is a blue toned pale pink with a matte finish. It kicks up some powder when swatched so a word of caution there.

Toile is a coral with a bit of orange and pink. It’s a more of a satin finish and very buttery.

Toile (left) and Argyle (right)

Toile (left) and Argyle (right)


This is me wearing the blushes….lighting sucks in my room sorry if they aren’t two visible 😦


Argyle (left) and Toile (right)

Argyle (left) and Toile (right)

I can’t wait to try more of these blushes! I still can’t decide which one to get next. Can’t buy all of them together…I’m a broke student 😦 I’m debating between Houndstooth and Lace.

I highly recommend these blushes guys! And they are pretty reasonably priced! XO




Sex on the Cheeks: Illamasqua Libido cream blush!

Illamasqua Libido

Illamasqua Libido

Excuse me for all the sexual references, but Illamasqua’s cream blush in Libido is a definite ‘turn on’ for me! From the color in the pan to how it actually looks on the cheeks….this blush is HOT my loves! Illamasqua describes it as a ‘vibrant reddish orange with a dewy finish’ and they are spot on with the description! This blush is vibrant and AMAZING!

vibrant reddish orange with a dewy finish

vibrant reddish orange with a dewy finish

Everytime I look at this blush, the first scenario that comes in my mind is ‘a hot summer night, sipping sex on the beach in a dimly lit beachfront bar’! I know pretty elaborate right? But that’s how my mind works sometimes! It’s perfect for summer but I also feel you can wear it all year round. If you don’t like dewy cheeks you can always mattify it with a translucent powder. The beautiful color would still show through from underneath.

I gotta say though, this blush is definitely not for the faint at heart. This screams bold and fearless! It’s so so pigmented! You have to be very careful applying this. Just ever so lightly dab your brush or your fingers (whichever you prefer) and it will pick up enough product. Trust me! You can definitely build it up later as you go. I personally like using my Real Techniques stippling brush (any stippling brush). The sparse bristles pickup less product and easily diffuses the product on your cheeks, slimming the chances of you having a clown face 😛 .

The longevity of this product is excellent. It wore on me about 7 to 8 hours without fading. However, it’s important to keep in mind that it’s winter in Australia at the moment, so the blush might behave differently during summer. The blush also glides on perfectly and is not heavy at all.


Don’t be scared from the swatch! This is quite a heavy swatch so that you can see the vibrancy of the color. It’s perfect for medium to dark skin tones but that doesn’t mean porcelain beauties can’t wear it! It will look just as beautiful! But I do think fairer skin girls or guys should be extra cautious while applying this blush. I also think its better suited for yellow or olive (or neutral) undertones, as you can see from the swatch, the blush has a subtle golden undertone. I love wearing it with a golden highlighter. Just imagine when the light would hit your face! Sex on the Cheeks I tell you! HOT steamy sex!

Illamasqua Libido with Top Shop Sunbeam highlighter

Illamasqua Libido with Top Shop Sunbeam highlighter

In the photos above, I’m also wearing the blush on my lips! And I love it! It’s gives your lips such a beautiful stain; looks like you’ve just been sucking on a popsicle or drinking Fanta! It’s very natural in that sense! Before applying, I would recommend getting rid of any foundation from your lips to get that natural stain.

Overall I feel Illamasqua makes one of the best blushes out there, both cream and powder! I’m completely hooked on this blush if you can’t tell already! I highly recommend it! XO