The Foundation Tip That Changed Everything! Thanks to Wayne Goss!

A lot of you has asked me questions about my foundation routine/application and so I’d like to share with you this one very simple trick that has totally amped up my foundation application! I first heard the ‘makeup god’ Wayne Goss talk about this a few months ago and I knew right away, I had to try this out! This tip can benefit all different skin types but I think it’s particularly good for normal to dry skin. A lot of you ladies with dry skin will agree that we suffer a lot with foundation application (especially during winter) when it comes to patchiness, not being able to blend properly, or foundations catching dry areas. Well this tip will change your life!

image1 (13)

For beautiful smooth application and a natural and radiant glow, all you have to do is add one or two drops of any face oil to your foundation before you apply. This is for liquid and cream foundations and when doing this trick, I usually stick to silicone based foundations because I’m afraid that the oil might not mix well with water-based foundations. You will instantly notice that the makeup application is so much smoother and the foundation is so much more blendable. It will give a beautiful radiance to your face and since it will blend so well, your foundation will look very natural just like skin. You can ofcourse powder it, if you do not prefer the glow.

You can use any facial oil. I personally use Argan Oil or Jojoba Oil. Other options are almond oil or rosehip oil or any oil made for the face.

If you have oily skin, you can still do this trick. It’s a misconception that oily skinned girls/guys can’t use oil. Our skin tend to produce extra sebum when it’s dehydrated, so using oil as a moisturiser is not a bad thing for oily skin. That being said, I won’t recommend thicker oils like almond oil. I would say, for oily skin, thinner oils like jojoba or rosehip are good options. If you are extremely scared of using oils, then you can try something like an argan oil moisturiser.

Hope you guys try this trick and do let me know if it made a difference to your foundation application! XOXO

3 thoughts on “The Foundation Tip That Changed Everything! Thanks to Wayne Goss!

    • Sorry I meant to say silicone based…even though most silicone based foundations have water in them…But i havent tried this trick with a water based foundation like mufe face and body…it probably would still work but since these foundations usually have thinner consistencies they work pretty well on their own anyway

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