It’s a lipstick… It’s a lipgloss…. no its Rimmel’s Apocalips!!!

Hi my lovelies,

Today I’ll be talking about these lipstick-lipgloss hybrids by Rimmel London called the Apocalips lip lacquers (A$15.95/5.5mL) which have been all the rave in the beauty community lately. They’ve just hit the Australian market beginning of this month I’ll say, even though they have been around in the UK for quite awhile now and then the US; but it’s nothing new that we almost always get everything last in Australia! Anyway the highlight of this post today is that I LOVE THIS PRODUCT! It’s the perfect combination of a lipstick and a lipgloss which is great because I for one am NOT a huge fan of lip glosses! I love the look of luscious lips that lip glosses are intended to give, which is a huge dilemma for me because I can never make lip glosses work. I feel they are sticky and they don’t sit well on my lips. So these Apocalips lip lacquers are a Godsend for me! $15.95 might seem like a hefty amount to pay for a drugstore lip product but that’s the way it is Australia, makeup is quite a bit more expensive than the US or the UK. Priceline is always having amazing sales however. I actually got mine for 50% off. At the moment I think they are having $3 off which is not bad either.

Rimmel Apocalips lip lacquers

Rimmel Apocalips lip lacquers

Why are they a hybrid lip product you may wonder? Well they are part lipgloss because they are in liquid form and they give you that glossy and luscious finish to your lips. They are part lipstick because they are ‘OPAQUE’ my friends! They are thick and bold in colour with none of the stickiness or patchiness of a lipgloss. This is a 2 in 1 product that works beautifully and saves you the energy and time of applying and extra product on your lips.

There are 8 shades available in Australia:

303 Apocaliptic – bright pink fuchsia
501 Stellar – vibrant coral red
102 Nova – bold blue pink
101 Celestial – medium rose pink
600 Nude Eclipse- light nude beige
201 Solstice – rich plum pink
100 Phenomenon – neutral nude peach
701 Stargazer – shimmery light gold
The shades Big Bang, Luna, and Galaxy, that are not available in Australia, can be purchased at Currently they are reduced to $7.01 which is a bargain!
I just bought the first five shades mentioned above.
And here are the swatches:
From left: Apocaliptic, Stellar, Nova, Celestial, and Nude Eclipse

From left: Apocaliptic, Stellar, Nova, Celestial, and Nude Eclipse

The applicator is also quite fascinating. Its the traditional doe foot applicator but with slight twist. As you can see below in the photo, the applicator has an indentation in the middle. This allows the applicator to hold more product so that you don’t have to constantly go back to get more product. I think that’s brilliant!
WARNING! These lip lacquers smell awful. I don’t usually have a problem with heavily scented products as long as its nice but this scent is very unpleasant and extremely strong. Just a word of caution for people who are sensitive to smell, the scent might be too overwhelming for you guys!
Nude Eclipse, Nova, and Celestial

Nude Eclipse, Nova, and Celestial

Apocaliptic and Stellar

Apocaliptic and Stellar

What are your thoughts on the Rimmel London Apocalips lip lacquers?

Hope you enjoyed my first review/rave post! Will have lots more coming soon! XO


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