Sex on the Cheeks: Illamasqua Libido cream blush!

Illamasqua Libido

Illamasqua Libido

Excuse me for all the sexual references, but Illamasqua’s cream blush in Libido is a definite ‘turn on’ for me! From the color in the pan to how it actually looks on the cheeks….this blush is HOT my loves! Illamasqua describes it as a ‘vibrant reddish orange with a dewy finish’ and they are spot on with the description! This blush is vibrant and AMAZING!

vibrant reddish orange with a dewy finish

vibrant reddish orange with a dewy finish

Everytime I look at this blush, the first scenario that comes in my mind is ‘a hot summer night, sipping sex on the beach in a dimly lit beachfront bar’! I know pretty elaborate right? But that’s how my mind works sometimes! It’s perfect for summer but I also feel you can wear it all year round. If you don’t like dewy cheeks you can always mattify it with a translucent powder. The beautiful color would still show through from underneath.

I gotta say though, this blush is definitely not for the faint at heart. This screams bold and fearless! It’s so so pigmented! You have to be very careful applying this. Just ever so lightly dab your brush or your fingers (whichever you prefer) and it will pick up enough product. Trust me! You can definitely build it up later as you go. I personally like using my Real Techniques stippling brush (any stippling brush). The sparse bristles pickup less product and easily diffuses the product on your cheeks, slimming the chances of you having a clown face πŸ˜› .

The longevity of this product is excellent. It wore on me about 7 to 8 hours without fading. However, it’s important to keep in mind that it’s winter in Australia at the moment, so the blush might behave differently during summer. The blush also glides on perfectly and is not heavy at all.


Don’t be scared from the swatch! This is quite a heavy swatch so that you can see the vibrancy of the color. It’s perfect for medium to dark skin tones but that doesn’t mean porcelain beauties can’t wear it! It will look just as beautiful! But I do think fairer skin girls or guys should be extra cautious while applying this blush. I also think its better suited for yellow or olive (or neutral) undertones, as you can see from the swatch, the blush has a subtle golden undertone. I love wearing it with a golden highlighter. Just imagine when the light would hit your face! Sex on the Cheeks I tell you! HOT steamy sex!

Illamasqua Libido with Top Shop Sunbeam highlighter

Illamasqua Libido with Top Shop Sunbeam highlighter

In the photos above, I’m also wearing the blush on my lips! And I love it! It’s gives your lips such a beautiful stain; looks like you’ve just been sucking on a popsicle or drinking Fanta! It’s very natural in that sense! Before applying, I would recommend getting rid of any foundation from your lips to get that natural stain.

Overall I feel Illamasqua makes one of the best blushes out there, both cream and powder! I’m completely hooked on this blush if you can’t tell already! I highly recommend it! XO

Makeup Essentials for a Mini Weekend Trip: the Lesser the Better!


Hello my fellow makeup lovers,

I’ve just come back from a short weekend trip from Sydney and I figured why not do a makeup travel essentials post. I usually go on mini trips a lot just for one or two nights and I really don’t like taking a ton of things with me. Just enough to fit my small makeup bag. From the photo above you might be like “that looks like a LOT of products” but some of the things here are just options and I did not take each and everything with me! So without further ado lets get started!



Moisturiser: so currently I’m trying out a sample of the Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturising Lotion+ so I have a travel/sample size on me. That’s perfect because in my opinion if you have sample size products, that’s what you should be taking with you on such a short trip especially if you are trying to save some space. It’s a different case if that product doesn’t suit you or break you out…then that’s definitely a no no!

Primer: a primer is essential! Especially if you have oily skin or its summer time! Even though I have normal to dry skin, foundations don’t last on me without a primer so must take a primer!

Foundation: So once again I have a sample of the Estee Lauder Double Wear foundation but another option could be foundations that have lightweight and small packaging preferably plastic like the Chanel Vitalumiere Aqua shown above. It’s a lightweight foundation, easy to apply, and you don’t even have to use a brush with it. Using the fingers works really well with this foundation. So stay away from heavy and bulky packaging! Also if you’re not to fussy about the coverage, you can go for a BB cream or tinted moisturiser. A tinted moisturiser being a 2 in 1 product saves you from taking two products.

Concealer: I’m taking with me the Mac Pro Longwear concealer! I’ve got pretty bad under eye circles and this concealer is my HG! I will be posting a HG under eye concealers post soon! This concealer has a built in technology not to crease n settle into fine lines which is why I will also be using it as an eye primer.

Powder: I’m just taking my Maybelline Dream Matte powder -nothing special but works for me!



Brows: So I carry my Brow Bar to Go by Whitening Lightning. I really like this product n its pretty convenient to carry!

Eye Primer: Eye primer is very important. I love my Nars eye primer but in this trip I just used my Mac Pro Longwear Concealer as an eye primer.

Eye Liner: I’m just taking a felt tip pen liner. This one’s the Physician’s Formula lash booster. Its pretty decent but not as black as I would like it to be. The Rimmel Scandaleyes eye pencil in black is really black and I’m taking that for my waterline. I can also use it to darken my top lashline and liner. This does NOT smudge which is awesome!

Lashes: Can’t go anywhere without my Shu Uemura eyelash curler. I’ve got very straight lashes so a curler is a must! And just my Maybelline Falsies mascara πŸ™‚

Eyeshadow: So I have a few options here. Definitely not taking all three palettes as shown in the photo! I usually take the UrbanDecay Naked Palette or the Lorac Pro Palette. They are both lightweight and doesn’t take up a lot of space. You can do both neutral everyday looks and very bold night time looks with these palettes.

If I want to save even more space, I just take a mac pro quad and fill it with some basic everyday eyeshadows. Here I have Mac Ricepaper, Satin Taupe, Wedge and Saddle. Wedge is a great transition colour but it’s also really good for contouring if you have light to medium skin tone. That’s a 2 in 1 product again!



Blush: My all time favourite blush Illamasqua Lover! It gives a beautiful flush to my face without being to overpowering! Great for everyday!

Bronzer: Mac’s Refined Golden – just another HG product, love it! And it comes with a great mirror!

Highlight: This time around I skipped on taking a highlighter and used a shimmery shadow instead. Ricepaper is great golden highlight or Urban Decay’s Virgin is a great champagne highlight !



Usually I carry a lot of lip products with me. If you search through my bag you’ll find a ton of lipsticks. The Revlon balm stains are awesome on the go lip products! You can just carelessly slap it on your lips and you’ll still look fab! If you’re planning a night out on your trip, a bold coloured lippy can never go wrong. Here I’m showing you Mac’s RiRi Woo and Ablaze. They are both limited edition unfortunately but they are my favourites at the moment. Mac’s Ruby Woo is almost a perfect dupe for RiRi Woo.



So here are the brushes I take… sorry about the dirty brushes πŸ˜› … I take a buffing brush for foundation (can be skipped), a powder brush, a brush for contouring and blush (mac 109), concealer brush (can be skipped), and three eye brushes – shader, crease and blending brushes.

Taking it all off


For removing my makeup at the end of the day I just take cleansing wipes with me. It’s easy to use and easy to carry. I also take a cleanser preferably a exfoliating scrub just because if you’re out the whole day you’re face would need a thorough cleansing. Otherwise if I’m gone for just a day or two I avoid taking any other products. I feel I can totally live without doing an elaborate skincare session for a couple of days.

All the makeup products and brushes fit snuggly in a small makeup bag and I’m good to go! I have to take the cleansing stuff separately though.

I’d love to know what you guys like taking with you while going on a short trip?


It’s a lipstick… It’s a lipgloss…. no its Rimmel’s Apocalips!!!

Hi my lovelies,

Today I’ll be talking about these lipstick-lipgloss hybrids by Rimmel London called the Apocalips lip lacquers (A$15.95/5.5mL) which have been all the rave in the beauty community lately. They’ve just hit the Australian market beginning of this month I’ll say, even though they have been around in the UK for quite awhile now and then the US; but it’s nothing new that we almost always get everything last in Australia! Anyway the highlight of this post today is that I LOVE THIS PRODUCT! It’s the perfect combination of a lipstick and a lipgloss which is great because I for one am NOT a huge fan of lip glosses! I love the look of luscious lips that lip glosses are intended to give, which is a huge dilemma for me because I can never make lip glosses work. I feel they are sticky and they don’t sit well on my lips. So these Apocalips lip lacquers are a Godsend for me! $15.95 might seem like a hefty amount to pay for a drugstore lip product but that’s the way it is Australia, makeup is quite a bit more expensive than the US or the UK. Priceline is always having amazing sales however. I actually got mine for 50% off. At the moment I think they are having $3 off which is not bad either.

Rimmel Apocalips lip lacquers

Rimmel Apocalips lip lacquers

Why are they a hybrid lip product you may wonder? Well they are part lipgloss because they are in liquid form and they give you that glossy and luscious finish to your lips. They are part lipstick because they are ‘OPAQUE’ my friends! They are thick and bold in colour with none of the stickiness or patchiness of a lipgloss. This is a 2 in 1 product that works beautifully and saves you the energy and time of applying and extra product on your lips.

There are 8 shades available in Australia:

303 Apocaliptic – bright pink fuchsia
501 Stellar – vibrant coral red
102 Nova – bold blue pink
101 Celestial – medium rose pink
600 Nude Eclipse- light nude beige
201 Solstice – rich plum pink
100 Phenomenon – neutral nude peach
701 Stargazer – shimmery light gold
The shades Big Bang, Luna, and Galaxy, that are not available in Australia, can be purchased at Currently they are reduced to $7.01 which is a bargain!
I just bought the first five shades mentioned above.
And here are the swatches:
From left: Apocaliptic, Stellar, Nova, Celestial, and Nude Eclipse

From left: Apocaliptic, Stellar, Nova, Celestial, and Nude Eclipse

The applicator is also quite fascinating. Its the traditional doe foot applicator but with slight twist. As you can see below in the photo, the applicator has an indentation in the middle. This allows the applicator to hold more product so that you don’t have to constantly go back to get more product. I think that’s brilliant!
WARNING! These lip lacquers smell awful. I don’t usually have a problem with heavily scented products as long as its nice but this scent is very unpleasant and extremely strong. Just a word of caution for people who are sensitive to smell, the scent might be too overwhelming for you guys!
Nude Eclipse, Nova, and Celestial

Nude Eclipse, Nova, and Celestial

Apocaliptic and Stellar

Apocaliptic and Stellar

What are your thoughts on the Rimmel London Apocalips lip lacquers?

Hope you enjoyed my first review/rave post! Will have lots more coming soon! XO

Let me introduce myself….

Hi my lovelies,

My name is Tatum Β and I’m 23 years old, almost turning 24 soon! I’m originally a Bengali beauty, but I’m currently living in Canberra, Australia and I’m on my way to finishing my Bachelors in Politics and International Relations! But fear not! This blog isn’t about the somber political affairs of the world! It’s all about sharing my passion for makeup and beauty with all of you. I’m not a professional makeup artist by any means but my love for makeup goes above and beyond anything else in my life and I truly can express myself through makeup. I’m sure there are lots of you there who feel the same! My blog will primarily be about beauty but there will be some fashion here and there and also a little sneak peak of what’s happening in my life once in awhile! Hope you enjoy and we can learn something from each other! XO

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